The Whisper

The whisper

Director: PENG Penghua

Script Writer: PENG Penghua / GUO Yuanyuan

Main Cast: JIANG Wen / YU Xiaowei / ZHANG Yao

Story: Liu Xiaolan who is a beautiful writer has a bad time. Her serialized online novel falls into a downturn and faces the danger of being cutting out at any time. The landlord who has contracted for one year but suddenly broke it and asked her to move out within three days. The man who has been in love with her was a liar who hid his marriage status. After suffering from so many difficulties, Xiaolan finally found a shelter in the old building with a sense of historical vicissitudes. Then she met an accident and went into the hospital. There are the elderly photographed hiding in the dark, handsome handsome doctor, a lovely little girl, and unknown strange sound from somewhere in the old building. Especially, the room 302 next to Liu Xiaolan seems to hide many unspeakable secrets, all of which led Liu Xiaolan to the abyss of darkness.