The International Chinese Film Festival (hereinafter refer to as ICFF) aims to bridge together by providing a common ground for idea exchanges and co-operation from Chinese and world film professional. At the same time to show off some of the world-class Chinese films and to promote Chinese culture in it. It has become the gathering place for global Chinese film and television professional. And it has extended to the world filming society, the opportunity for exchange and co-operation. At that time it will have the latest films showcase from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other countries. The Gold Dragon of the best actor and actress, the best film and the committee recommended film would be presented at the award ceremony. The Judges are formed by the famous directors, actors and professionals.

Rules of Participation

  • Film Screening Period: 17-24 Feb 2018
    Submit period : 30 April – 30 Oct 2017
  • Condition of Entry: Film must be previously screened on or after the 1st of Jan 2013. We only accept JPEG2000 of the gene Story based. All the films must have both English and Chinese subtitle in both DVD and final DCP.
  • Registration: Participation body must fill up this application form in full with recommendation letter and attach it with your DVD with film description, images, trailer and send it to Lv1, 201 Botany Rd, Waterloo NSW 2017, Australia or email to [email protected]
  • Selection Process: Any selected film is judged by the ICFFC and the result will be notified to the sender prior to 30 days before the festival opening. And we will retain the entry’s DVD regardless of the selection results.
  • Selected Entries: Any selected entries will be arrived at the ICFFC 30 days before the opening, the format will be used in the forms of film or digital recording, and the date of showing and time slot will be arranged by the ICFFC, there will be no fee charge to the participant. Any expense and the commission earned during the film showing period will be the property of the ICFFC. The Committee will send out invitation to the successful participant, and can help them with accommodation if required and the participant should pay all the expenses.
  • Insurance and Transportation: Film insurance and the expense of transportation to the venue during the film festival are required by the applicant.