Final Mission

final mission

Director: LI Shuhang

Script Writer: LIU Tianming / LIU Juan / FENG Gang

Main Cast: LI Shuhang / ZHANG Dinghan / XU Shaoqiang

Story: “Final mission” is recomposed from the novel of writer Liu Tianming, “The sadness of Talented Lady in ancient times,” presenting the choice of people in troubled times, ” Final mission” is a historical drama performing the pain of death of country. The joys and sorrows of Hou Yunshu and Li Xiangjun, a Qinhuai courtesan at the end of Ming dynasty and the rise and fall of the Ming Dynasty are organically combined to create a series of vivid characters. The tragedy ending breaks through the traditional model of a brilliant reunion of hero and heroin. And the loving of men and women and the rise and fall get philosophical sublimation.