But Always


Director: Snow Zou

Movie Length: 121 Minutes

Categories: Drama/Romance

Main Cast: Yuanyuan Gao, Anna Ladner, Hao Qin

Plot: Friends An Ran and Zhao Yonguan are separated as children and meet again years later in Beijing, when An is a university student and Zhao is a hawker. They rediscover their childhood friendship. Zhao helps her raise funds to study abroad. They fall in love, but try to hide it. When Zhao sees An off he cannot help but tell An he wants to take care of her for the rest of her life. An is overwhelmed but does not stay. Everything has been going wrong for An when years later, Zhao, now a successful businessman, runs into her in New York. He wants to be with her but An has given up on their past. Zhao’s persistence moves her and they decide to get married. But another accident results in their being separated once more. Convinced they will never meet again, An returns to Beijing. And then…