Night Attack


Director: Lan AN
Movie Length: 1H 25m
Categories: Drama/War
Main Cast: Ting WANG, Tianzuo LIU, Dandan HE


In July 1937,the nation-wide Anti-Japan War broke out.When the Xin Kou Battle broke out in October,the 769th Regiment of the 129th Division of the Eighth Route Army received the task to move up to the Yan Menguan which is the enemy’s rear area to hold down the Japanese reinforcements which were marching towards Xin kou.It could coorperate with our troops on the frontal battlefield.In the morning of October 19th,1937,the 769th Regiment under the Regimental Commander Chen Xilian made a sudden surprise attack on the Japanese army’s Yang Mingbao Airfield on the south of the Dai County in the Shan Xi Province.More than 600 warriors of this regiment dashed into the airfield to fight hand-to-hand against the Japanese invaders.In the about one-hour-long fierce battle,these warriors of the 769th Regiment blew up all the 24 fighter planes at the airfield,and killed more than 200 invaders.The commander of the 3rd Battalion of the 769th Regiment Zhao Dali and about 100 warriors sacrificed their lives for our nation.

With several spoiled guns and small cannons Chen Xilian led these warriors destroyed the Japanese army’s airfield unexpectedly.During about 10 days after this victory,our defenders in Xin Kou and Tai Yuan had never been bombed by the Japanese plains any more.This victory of night attack on the Ming Yangbao Airfield is a classic example from our army’s military history of a weak force defeating a strong force,which went through the whole battle front like hurricane and greatly lifted Chinese Nation’ spirits of the War of Resistance.