Once Again

Once agian

Director: DAI Wei

Script Writer: GUI Dongming / BU Xiaofeng / ZHANG Xiaole / LIU Qiuhua

Main Cast: ZHU Yin / DU Tianhao / WANG Zhifei

Story: Ye Lan  married Lu Jianguo for many years, often argued for trivial things in life. On the 20th anniversary of the wedding, they foght again and finally decided to divorce. Lu Jianguo angrily left home and lost contact. At this moment, Lu Jianguo’s nephew Lu Da-min  was suddenly appeared, which disrupted the original life of Yelan: Lu Da-min becomes son Jiang Lu Xiaofei buddy and helped Lu xiaofei to pursue favorite girl yoyo; he also tricked Xiao Feng who is the rival of Lu Jianguo. What makes Yelan even feel weird is that Lu Da-min not only looks exactly the same as the young Lu Jianguo, but also his behaviors and expressions, which let Ye Lan flipped. There is no news of Jiangguo, until Ye lan saw Lu Da-min gave the dance which only Jianguo knew.