Pauline Chan


Reviewed as a “Premier Australian filmmaker” by Asian Week magazine, and “one of the most convincing successes of the new wave Australian filmmakers” by French Cahier du Cinema, Pauline Chan’s work has been invited to screen at prestigious international festivals and film institutes, including Cannes, New York, Berlin, Toronto, and has won 15 international awards over the last 20 years. Her films were released theatrically worldwide including USA, Europe, China and Asia. Chan’s recent work includes the first two official co-productions under the Australia-China treaty: Dragon Pearl (producer) and 33 Postcards (Director/Writ/Producer), both films opened to 2000 and 1100 screens respectively in China nationwide in 2012.

Chan was Head of Creative and Senior Producer/Director at Salon Films Hong Kong (2001-2008). She is Founding Director of Darkroom Films Sydney, Co-Founder of Opal Films in Perth, and Good Earth Productions in Hong Kong.